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Genopet Clone - A Facile Way to Pioneer Your M2E Game App

May 31, 2023

Web3 applications have already touched the boundaries of imagination and are still emerging. Many businesses, passionate entrepreneurs, and techno wizards are inundated with lots of mind-blowing ideas and trends. One such idea is the “move to earn game app”.

Who wouldn’t like to earn money simply by playing, moving, or just being happy? Certainly, nobody can afford to miss out on the opportunity, but you don’t believe it either. Genopet, an NFT game offers to pay you for being active and healthy.  You might be wondering about the conception and its functionalities. To clear up all the ‘’hows’’, in this blog, we will be accounting  for the Genopet game and the stature of Web3 game applications at present. 

Is Genopet Game Familiar?

Genopet, the world’s first Free-to-Play, and Move-to-Earn game, powered by the Solana blockchain, is centered around Genopets, the virtual companions. Firstly, you’re given a cute little pet with an attribution of your personality, meaning they’re your digital reflections that tend to evolve along with you.   

What is a Genopet Clone Script?

Genopet clone script is a ready-made Move-to-Earn platform development script loaded with cutting-edge features enabling a quick launch of a Play-to-Earn app like Genopet. It’s infused with blockchain development and offers a bug- free solution. Genopets is backed by the Solana Blockchain technology, but it can be developed on any blockchain network like Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, Binance smart Chain, and the like.

Genopet Clone App Development  

A means of generating a mobile application embedded with fun game elements, GameFi elements and all the features apply to the genopet, the most acclaimed P2E application. 

We keenly collect your game development specifications thereby accelerating the launch of an NFT game application like Genopet. 

WeAlwin Technologies, a predominant NFT marketplace development company provides Genopet clone app development solutions to initiate your own M2E platform. 

Remarkable Features of Genopet Clone App

Summon Your Genopet 

Enrolling in the Genoverse provides you with a genopet to take care of by staying active. It’s a digital pet, in the form of NFT that can be evolved, upgraded, and customized. 

Move to Play  

You would be leisurely walking at the office or at the mall, your genopet would be on fun mode and fetch you rewards for making it happy and active.

Upgrade the Genopet  

Once you are groomed to stay active, a higher level of Genopet will be provided. The higher the level of your genopet, the greater its XP, in-game abilities, and rarity. Foster your genopet by playing with it and feeding to boost its mood every day.  The evolution of the genopet occurs in four stages: Baby Genopet, Young Genopet,  Adult Genopet, and  Mystic Genopet .

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How Can You Generate Revenue through Genopet Clone App? 

The Free-to-play NFT Gaming platform is a means to generate revenue . Here are the ways to make money out of the M2E platform.  

Habitat NFTs

Your platform lives and evolves on several NFTs, and users can be allowed to market or craft in-game tokens. Players can enjoy in-game habitats, and to generate additional income, users can rent out options. 

Crystal NFTs 

 With the help of GENE tokens and KI tokens, users can craft NFTs. In the evolution of genopets, each crystal plays a different role and each crystal is different as well. 

Augment NFTs

These NFTs help in upgrading the physical properties and performance augmentation. The Users, for better looks, can change the body arts. 

Why is the Genopet Clone App a Must for Business?

The Free-to-play NFT gaming app is a great way to generate revenue for businesses. This platform is beneficial for new gamers to have a gaming experience for free and earn rewards in trending tokens or currencies. Move-to-earn app is a trend, and a massive user base can be gained through it. By initiating a platform like genopet app, you can play a pivotal role in the digital role and a huge ROI can be generated. The mobile users are large in number, resulting in acquisition of more users. 

Why Choose WeAlwin for an NFT Gaming App Like Genopet?

The popularity of Move-to-Earn platforms has been on the rise of late, mainly because of their captivating mechanisms. In all  probability, Web3 game applications will be predominant, and Genopet is no exception. 

WeAlwin Technologies is a towering NFT marketplace development company that is bent on extending unparalleled services globally. We are glad to orchestrate the establishment of your own M2E platforms. 


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