Dexoney is a DeFi EcoSystem, where you can collaborate with Alwin and create your own DeFi platforms. DeFi helps in Alternative Savings, Asset Tokenization, Stacking, Derivatives, Market place, Stable coin, and Payments system around Decentralized Finance.

  • Yield Farming
  • Tokenization
  • Collateral
  • Lending and Borrowing
  • DEXex
  • Asset Management
  • Flash Loans
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End-to-End Business Strategies

Alwin deploys inclusive approach while planning, we design smart and develop complex crypto projects with efficiency and quality. We offer end-to-end strategies to entrepreneurs and businesses with our tailored solutions as per their business and technical needs.

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While we are sound at blockchain stuffs, there are more
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We have a great team of experienced engineers and passionate technologists for complete technological solutions for Cryptocurrency Exchange, Initial Coin Offering, Smart Contracts, Token or Coin Development, Airdropping, Lending & Fork Development

Alwin brings unique value to your Blockchain Business Ideas

Alwin’s consultancy and services compliment your business ideas and passion and turn them into reality.


Best practices at Blockchain technology

Being consistent in our quality, expertise and customer satisfaction give us a unique position in the Blockchain Development Industry. We prefer to show you and your idea what you desire and take you along with us in this journey.


Latest Technology Stack

We constantly improvise and adopt to the modern and latest technology in exchange platform field and we cater our clients with these technologies, So that they always have a leverage over their competitors.


Project Consultation

Alwin endeavors to understand importance of each project and ensures to maintain clarity and consistency in communication with its customers. Queries and other deals are supported through your preferred medium of communication.


Expert on Cryptocurrency Ontology

Alwin offers state of the art technologies and high end skills set in the Crypto sector. We are up to the beat with advanced techniques in Cryptocurrency development to serve our clients better in the best way possible.


Scalable Service

We hold ourselves responsible for what we do. We design and deliver tailor made platforms to our customers. Scalability delivers the quality and serves a bigger audience. Along with our technology our services are also scalable, reliable and robust.


Dedicated Project Manager

We provide Dedicated Project Manager for our customer so that the services with quality can be delivered along the time line. Well, we value that time is the most valuable possession of our customers.

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We are pleased to hear from you. Alwin offers firsthand experience with our Blockchain consultants and experienced engineers. It is not necessary that you reach out to us only when you are ready. May be you need advice or consultancy at early stages. In all such cases Alwin is your first choice.

Security is our #1 Priority

Alwin exceeds security expectations by insuring security for online funds and data through technology, methodology and best cyber security practices.

Flexibility & Usability

With researched based UX the Trading UIs are easy-to-navigate along with the engaging dashboard. Alwin have become popular organization for entrepreneurs and startups in the Blockchain sector.

Crypto Compliance

We work closely with local expertise in various jurisdictions for compliance and regulation purposes to design and deliver fully compliant and valid solutions as per the regulations and financial compliances. This is very important.

Our latest news
2019 Cryptocurrencies will make the news and Blockchain will transform the commercial, educational and financial sectors. The expected growth would be phenomenal.