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Customized Cryptocurrency Wallet Application Software for Starting Own Payment Wallet System

May 31, 2019

In digital world, everything needs to be fast and simple. The digital era provides lots of advantages & benefits to its digital users. Once upon a time, there was a year where people has to stand in queue front of bank staffs to pay something in particular time or transfer the amount to other people. But now as you all know, lots of online money tranfer methods are available in 24 hours.

As similar as fiat currency wallet, cryptocurrency wallet application also is most popular among crypto enthusiasts. User can store their digital currencies in the wallet and can pay for whatever and whoever then want. Crypto wallet application is huge in demand and nowadays trending in the market. These are one of the most successful applications in the blockchain industry. So, crypto startups with this amazing idea and develop your business empire.

We are here to help you with an outstanding business idea on cryptocurrency wallet.

Key features of crypto wallet application :

  • Users can store their cryptocurrencies in wallet

  • Transfer the cryptocurrencies to targetted crypto address & contacts of a person ( updated version )

  • Pay the utility bills and purchase bills across accepted stores ( Updated )

  • Accepted all ICOs, STOs or Exchanges

  • Attractive transaction history list

  • Well secured with SEC regulary compliance

Above features support for these wallet types :

  • Hardware Wallet

  • Desktop / Mobile Wallet

  • Online Wallet ( Hot & Cold Wallet )

We will provide you application of above all type loaded with all features and functionalities that are ready to market. All you need to do is buy ready made script or customize the script according to your requirements. We have skilled and experienced team who can efficiently able to provide you same application with fully loaded features.

Revenue model of crypto wallet business model :

  • Cryptocurrency wallet application is big deal in terms of generating ROI that proved by many popular crypto wallets.

  • Crypto enthusiasts can choose these types of application because of their comfort, ease to use and save time.

  • There are another thousands of additional way through which application owner can earn money like he can sell advertising space with help of Google AdSense.

Major successful business players by established crypto wallets :

















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