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What is Hyperledger

February 8, 2020

What is Hyperledger Fabric 


Hyperledger Fabric is a distributed ledger solution that are modular architecture that provides high scalability and security. It is designed to be pluggable implementation to any application. Hyperledger can collaborate with any application in loosely coupled architecture.


Think of a blockchain as a distributed ledger system that are updated via a deployed code called a smart contract. Each ledger was synchronised and update based on a process called consensus.


In the blockchain, each participant as business application has their own copy of ledger but this time each is synchronised and updating the ledger the process of software code piece also shared. 


How Hyperledger Ledger Different


It is Private and Permissioned 


Member of Hyperledger Fabric must enroll through trusted system Membership Service Provider


Consensus mechanism 


Plugable Components


Private Channel to support a group of people to have separate communication and  ledger


Key Concept of Hyperledger 


1.Shared Ledger 


Hyperledger Fabric ledger has two-state one is world state and transaction log, the world state is a database called Level-Db key-value paired database, where transaction log is the history of transaction that update, delete, add value to the world state.The ledger is a combination of world state and transaction log.


2. Chaincode 


Hyperledger Fabric smart contract written in chain code.The business logic of the network, it can be triggered by external fabric client application to do the operation in Hyperledger network.


The Chaincode can access and operate on the world-state where it does not do anything with the transaction log.


Chaincode can be developed using multiple languages Go, Node, python, and java.


3. Privacy


The business network mainly focus on operation and transaction not on privacy, where Hyperledger reduce the burden of thinking about privacy and provide a secure and sensibly operative system


4. Consensus


The consensus mechanism is total control of transaction.



Hyperledger Fabric Functionalities


Hyperledger Fabric provides a ready-to-use network for enterprises, with modular architecture. There are multiple of fabric functionalities add more efficient to the network are listed below 


Identity Management 


The Enterprises came for permission blockchain to make sure their data is secure and the network is completely private and distributed, so fabric provides Member Identity management service, which enrols and provide digital certification to the member of the network and access control list, through which user is restricted and permission to do specific operation of the smart contract.


Privacy and Confidential 


The Channel is private communication that is invisible to another member in the same network, it can support of the group.


Channel is private for a set of the user for their transaction and value, only the member of the channel are allowed to view and operate. 


Any participant can be a member of any channel, Each channel has a private ledger copy.


Efficient Processing 


Fabric provides network roles by node type, and provide parallelism transaction execution is separate from transaction ordering, it makes them more efficient process, the node need not wait for a process to complete, the orderer can perform individual and transaction wise verse.




Chaincode defines the business logic of the network. The system chaincode defies the operator parameter of the network. Lifecycle and configuration chain code define rules for the channel. Endorsement and validation chain code defines the requirement for validation and endorsement.


Blockchain is our passion , where we find more interest in hyperledger which lead alwin to think about and dig more into private blockchain.


We strongly believe the Blockchain was recogonized by many organization as tool for scalable and security architecture as we do. In 2025 Private Blockchain will be big talk in providing cybersecurity solutions.